Advertise & Pay for your Customers not for Cookies. Enter into new era of People Based Digital Marketing. We are expert in Setup, Optimize and enhance your digital advertising to next level.

People Based Marketing

Track your customers through ID Graph, new and improved way to reach your customer across the web based on their need instead of simple retargeting approach based on cookies tracking.
Omnichannel Advertising
Special Offers
Manage and Optimize Mobile Campaigns through Google AdWords and Re-marketing to reach target Audience
Mobile-Oriented  PPC Campaigns
Responsive Ads

People Based Marketing Dubai

People-Based Digital Marketing in Dubai UAE.

Target your Customers not Cookies‎ through People-Based Digital Marketing. Unlock Customers Identity Online.

Target consumers and measure results at the level of real people, across all channels and devices. Take a true omni-channel approach to people-based marketing—don’t limit yourself to people-based advertising in digital channels alone. Use identity resolution to deliver seamless experiences everywhere.:

    1) Market to Real People: By understanding and marketing to real people, not devices or channels, you can win the battle for consumer attention and loyalty.
    2) Identity Resolution Is Vital: It’s the foundation that lets you recognize consumers, anticipate their needs, and create real value for them.
    3) Omnichannel Is the Goal: No one is fully there, but it’s the future of marketing. Seamlessly connect with real people everywhere they engage today – and will engage tomorrow.
    4) Reassign Your Customer Journeys: Map out the best engagement journeys by knowing and analyzing the channels a customer prefers. Be confident your offer is relevant and measure the results.

The goal of advertising has always been the same: reach the right person, at the right place, at the right time, with the right message—to drive real business results.

Bring first-party data, match it into this infrastructure and now you’re able to look at how to plan and optimize your digital marketing campaigns in one system and do it much more at a person and event level

First-party data

Data you collect directly from your customers. CRM & POS databases, survey responses and subscriptions

Second-party data

First-party data bought directly from a related publisher or trusted source. Airline frequent flyer profiles shared with a partner credit card company

Third-party data

Data aggregated and sold by an outside company. Consumer lifestyle, demographic and behavior lists

Make your advertising addressable

World-class marketers are seizing the opportunities that media platforms now provide – targeting customers one-to-one, efficiently, and at scale.

Personalize your customers’ experiences

Data-driven marketers are taking advantage of the decisioning power technology provides to deliver more meaningful, relevant moments.

Manage relationships over time

The modernization of CRM and loyalty programs helps brands improve their understanding of lifetime customer value and prioritize marketing investment.

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